Our Clients
we have helped clients in virtually every industry achieve their marketing, production, mailing, and fulfillment goals. We’ve helped create customized solutions that integrate the most current and best industry practices with the knowledge that only comes from experience achieved decade after decade.
While our flexible capabilities and abundant creativity allow us to serve any industry, the following are among those that most frequently seek our marketing solutions in the Northeastern United States.

Perhaps nowhere are the stakes as high these days as for clients in financial services. From direct mail acquisition and retention campaigns, annual reports, to investor relations materials, personalized communications, and marketing collateral, PDM produces engaging materials that meet the expectations of a discerning and demanding audience while ensuring compliance with federal and industry standards.

With our security and certifications, your data is safe and protected. We know the privacy of data is of the utmost importance in financial services.
 We are proud of our uncompromising desire for accuracy and ironclad data security that provides the essential elements for a successful direct mail campaign, as well as the fast, reliable production and fulfillment of all critical materials needed when working in financial services.

Whether it is for student enrollment or alumni relations, our accurate, consistent, and fast personalization for reliable mailing and fulfillment services will drive success.

We achieve this by producing and delivering audience-specific materials, including digital and direct mail communications, on-site collateral, and brochures.

Annual giving campaigns renewal and donation communications require clear, direct messaging in a variety of formats. Our clients require cost-effective and fast delivery of diverse materials, uniquely designed and produced for maximum impact. 

Our comprehensive in-house data management and production capabilities ensure flexibility and consistent quality control as we personalize, print, and distribute everything from postcards and mailers to brochures and unique inserts.
Business to Business

As technology improves and information becomes more readily available, businesses have more options when choosing products and services in the Northeastern United States. The importance of compelling business-to-business marketing is increasing.

PDM strives to connect with clients, determining their needs and where their shortfalls are. With more than 30 years of experience, we have a thorough understanding of a variety of industries and the skills to create comprehensive marketing campaigns that will take your business to a whole new level.

Perhaps nothing speaks more truly than our reputation for quality and success. That's why marketing and advertising agencies place their trust in PDM to help them serve their most valuable clients.

Our full scope of services allows PDM to optimize advertising and marketing campaigns with prompt and reliable service that saves time and money while enhancing the value that ad agencies bring to all their clients.

PDM also works with a number of other industries from Buffalo, NY to Pittsburgh, PA. If you are interested in hearing what Progressive Direct Marketing can do for you, call us today!
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