Marketing Services
That help can take many forms, from complete "start to finish" support to selective use of our key services and even supplementation of your in-house capabilities.

Direct mail marketing has a long history of success and printing services still have a place in an effective integrated marketing campaign, despite the fact that many proponents of email marketing will tell you otherwise. At PDM, we provide direct mail marketing services which can produce qualified leads and help build long-term relationships to businesses all over Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.
PDM delivers our support from a CASS and SAS 70 Type II certified environment. The highest available standards for measuring and improving data center operations and management is the SAS 70 audit. For PDM, the SAS 70 Type II audit is evidence of our emphasis on and adherence to high-quality assurance standards. Within the highly regulated industries of today, this attribute weighs heavily in a client's selection of their direct mail service provider. SAS 70 simply documents and attests to our focus of quality assurance, particularly as it relates to our application of advanced information technologies.
Program Research and Strategy

Research methods have been developed to assist in segmenting markets according to psychographic, demographic or geographic information. One of the research methods specifically developed for direct marketing is geo-demographics.

This research method studies census data about geographic units, such as zip codes, census characteristics, or smaller units like postal carrier routes.
Creative Concepts and Design

Our creative department utilizes proven direct mail copy and graphic design techniques to create the most effective package for your specific campaign.

One of the most successful elements in direct mail marketing is to have a concept that not only looks great but will also get people to respond. The copy, concept, and design must all work together to pull a good response.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it is your copy, the words, that make up your sales pitch. This pitch will have the biggest impact on your direct mail marketing success. 
Accurately and clearly describing business benefits is essential in direct mail copywriting. Whether it is writing copy for a direct mail marketing campaign or other marketing communications, well-written copy is essential in successfully branding your company and conveying a message that makes sense.

We will provide you with everything from the layout through final proofs, eliminating the need for you to use additional outside services, which can be costly and time-consuming.
Targeted Mailing Lists

With PDM's help, you will have access to virtually any mailing list in the market to make your direct mail marketing campaign a success throughout the Northeastern United States. We help you target your market segment through the use of numerous demographics, which make it possible for you to obtain the maximum results possible.

Targeting the right market is the most critical part of your direct mail strategy. Without a doubt, the mailing list that you choose will have the largest effect on your response rate.

You can have the best offer in the world but your program will be a failure if you don't send it to the right people.
Lists available include:
• Residential • Business to Business • Vehicle • Voter Registration • Magazines • Numerous Specialty Lists

Demographics include:
• Resident Type (i.e. single family or multi-family dwelling) • Age • County • State • Zip Code • Position • Gross Income • SIC Codes
Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals who are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests, spending habits, and so on. Using segmentation allows companies to target groups effectively.

Customer segmentation can be a powerful means to identify unmet customer needs. Companies that identify underserved segments can then outperform the competition by developing uniquely appealing products and services.
Customer segmentation is most effective when a company tailors offerings to segments that are the most profitable and serves them with distinct competitive advantages. This prioritization can help companies develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to extract maximum value from both, high and low profit customers. A company can use customer segmentation as the principal basis for allocating resources to product development, marketing, printing services, and delivery programs.
Database Management

A mailing is only as good as its list and, in turn, the quality of the data. The quality of the address list is critical to a successful direct mail campaign, and PDM has the software and knowledge to ensure your mail piece reaches your intended recipient.

Our suite of Data Processing services includes:
  • NCOALink (Change of Address) – PDM is a USPS NCOALink licensed Limited Service Provider. This means that your mailing list will be processed in-house by PDM and not outsourced to a 3rd party for NCOALink processing.
  • List Cleaning – Re-fielding, verification, name parsing, punctuation, appending gender, ZIP correction, improving aesthetics, etc.
  • Merge/Purge – Bring together several lists to create a single file with a standardized format without losing peripheral data fields.
  • Elimination of Duplicates – Sending multiple letters to the same person is annoying, wasteful, and lowers your response percentages.
  • Address Suppression – Match prospect files to customer files to avoid treating a long-time contact like a stranger.
  • Code Assignment – Generation of source codes, identification numbers, barcodes using dynamic relationship schemes, and algorithms.
  • Segmentation – Multiple segments can be created for changes in specific variables or wholly unique mailing strategies.
  • Postal Processing – Receive the highest possible postal discount and the most deliverable mail your list allows with our sophisticated postal software.
PDM is a non-exclusive NCOALink Limited Service Provider. Prices for PDM products, general, and printing services are not established, controlled, or approved by the USPS or the United States Government.
Printing and Production

Our versatile print shop, which uses state-of-the-art equipment, offers you a full range of creativity for your desired printing services. Our high-speed capability allows us to meet your deadlines.
  • 4 Color Process
  • Envelope Jet Process
  • 2 Color Spot
  • Fully Digital Pre-Press
  • Multi-Color Offset Printing
  • Variable-Data Printing in Color or Black/White
  • Custom Envelope Conversions
Promotional Products

PDM can help you by hand-selecting the perfect promotional items for your marketing needs, whether you want popular items like personalized koozies or maybe a less-common giveaway item. We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach does NOT work in this business.

• Pens • Mugs • Calendars • Golf Balls • Apparel • Flash Drives
• Post-Its • Lanyards • Planners • And Much More!
Letter Shop and Mailing Services

It is not always easy to stay on top of ever-changing postal regulations. Luckily, with PDM, you get more than three decades of experience and support backing you up.

Our reputation for providing quality letter shop services throughout the Northeastern United States is unmatched. Brilliant strategy, on-target creative, and expert list selection are not enough to ensure success in the direct mail world.

Our shop organizes, combines, and finishes the work created in data, design, and printing services. With state-of-the-art equipment and our dedicated professionals, your mailers are addressed and prepared for mailing with total dedication to dependability and on-time mail drops.

• Inkjet Addressing and Personalization
• Signature and Logo Placement into Mailing Lists
• Impact Printing and Addressing
• Indicia Insertion
• Laser Printing and Addressing
• Cutting/Folding/Tabbing
• Foil Die Cutting
In-Line Gluing
Wafer Sealing
Fully-Automated, High-Speed Envelope Inserting
• Die Cutting
• Stamp Affixing
Enhanced Carrier Route Presorts
Postal Verification and Delivery

Our high-speed sorting equipment can easily process large volumes of mail while actually reading the address on each piece of mail, looking up the proper 11-digit barcode, and then spraying the barcode directly onto the envelope. This provides you with the maximum postage discounts possible.
Integrated e-Marketing Solutions

Communicate with your prospects in a meaningful way; PURL campaigns incorporate variable digital print technology enabling personalization of text and images. Each message is unique, relevant and tailored to each mail recipient.

One simple line added at the end of your direct mail campaign can achieve the following:
• Increase Response Rates • Customize Interactive Marketing Efforts Spontaneously • Gain Valuable Information About Consumers
• Convert More Prospects into Sales and Loyal Customers
• Manage Customer Relationships Effortlessly
• Send Qualified, Real-Time Leads to Sales
PURLs, or personal websites, are micro sites used to capture direct mail or email campaign responses. Studies show that using PURLs with a relevant message increases response rates two to five times! At just pennies, PURLs are extremely affordable, fit easily into any marketing campaign, and thousands of customized PURLs can be created in seconds, based on your customer database or mailing list.

PURLs can be used as stand-alone marketing, or CRM tools, but are most effective when used in conjunction with a multi-channel campaign, including direct mail and/or email.

Integrated thinking creates a call-to-action on your direct mail piece, and then drives the recipient to a PURL. Each PURL is customized with images, text, and incentives based on the needs of each person, their interests, and their goals.

Once your direct mail piece is sent, e-TriggerPro ties your direct mail, email, and text messages together, integrating them into one campaign. The program tracks your mail to the delivery post office, and then automatically triggers delivery of an email and/or text message to your customer same day.

With the creative use of offers, incentives, and promotions, you can increase response rates even more by rewarding customers who seek out your mail.

Customers prefer personalized marketing and are more likely to respond to interesting and exciting ideas. E-TriggerPro and PURL marketing truly integrates this into your marketing campaign.
DirectKey – Print to Web Solution

DIRECTKEY℠, powered by USB INSERT™, is the first fully customizable die-cut “webkey" that connects physical print media seamlessly to the web.

Everyone has gone high-tech now-a-days, through innovative and creative methods in order to reach their target audiences cost effectively. Whether you choose a postcard, direct mailer, brochure, handout, or magazine ad, DIRECTKEY℠ will instantly route your customers to your website or landing page with a uniquely coded URL.

Each DIRECTKEY℠ is produced on virgin fiber 2 x 250g sq. meter laminated card with pp coating. The custom die-cut pop-out webkey is PC (up to Windows 7) and MAC compatible.
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