Because privacy is important.

At PDM, we take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Earning your trust and confidence is of primary importance to us.

To achieve our level of performance, it takes an unwavering commitment to process. The highest available standards for measuring and improving data center operations and management is the SAS 70 (Type II) audit. This type of audit has specific requirements for service providers managing customer data and focuses heavily in the areas of compliance, security and access.

USPS Logo Achieving the successful compliance certification of the SAS 70 Type II audit is evidence of the companys emphasis and adherence to high quality assurance standards. Within the highly regulated financial industry, this attribute weighs heavily in a selection of its direct mail service provider. SAS 70 simply documents and attests to our focus on quality assurance particularly as it relates to applications of advanced information technologies.

The CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software we utilize is USPS certified, and enables the United States Postal Service to evaluate the accuracy of software that cleans and matches addresses. A correct address in turn saves the client as well as the Postal Service time, money and manpower by reducing the volume of 1) non-deliverable mail; 2) unsorted mail; 3) mail that is deliverable, but requires extra effort to determine the proper location to deliver it to.